Spending Your Money Wisely

money-wiselySpending money has been an overlooked component when it comes to financial planning. People often come into more debt by continuously spending money. Now, I’m not saying that spending money is always a waste. One cannot deny the necessities needed in our daily lives and that you need money for buying these. However, knowing how to spend money wisely can help you save the dollars that you work hard for. These few tips on how spend money wisely can help you pay off all your debts (if you have any), save for the future and have a few spare dollars for investing.

  • Everything Starts with a Budget

Make your own budget and stick with it. This small step can create wonders in helping you save more money and letting you know where all your money goes to. Your budget should include all that you need for that month. Aside from the necessities like food and housing, include insurance and savings in your monthly budget. Stick to this budget with resolve and this small step can help you spend wisely for the rest of your life.

  • Prioritize What Really Needs to be Prioritized

Know what you really need to spend on, otherwise you can seek for credit counseling to better manage your finances. If you are still in college, spend your money on books, rent and food rather than spending your nights out in clubs, partying till dawn. You have to know your priorities, know what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve this. If you have your own family, prioritize food, housing, bills and insurance. Luxurious purchases should be least in your prioritization, coming after you have paid all your dues.

  • Know Your Worth

Be aware of how the money that you have. Check on savings, investment accounts and how much you earn. Being aware of the money you have gives you an idea on what you could spend, helping you avoid overspending. You also have to keep track of your debts, to keep you aware of your responsibilities in paying these off.

  • Build a Family that Spends Wisely Together

Debt-Free-LifeIf one person in the family spends wisely yet all the others continue with unwise decisions in spending money, your efforts would be put to waste. Your kids need not be burdened with budgeting at an early age, however it is best to inform them that not everything they want can immediately be bought. Let your family be aware that needs should come first before wants. Teaching your family on wise spending can help you earn more money and secure your financial planning at the same time.

  • Live a Debt-Free Life

As much as possible, avoid swiping that credit card. Using your credit card seems as if an avenue of shopping possibilities has opened up for you; however this also opens up a deep ravine of debt that you could get stuck in. Pay off all your debts one by one and avoid getting into more debt. Develop a habit wherein you would only use your credit card only in times of emergencies.


  • Be on Time

Make sure that the budget you create includes all the bills that you have to pay monthly. Pay all your bills on time every month, to prevent bills from piling up and leaving you in debt. If these bills start overwhelming you, then you have to start thinking about lessening these expenses or moving into a smaller house. This is not a permanent solution to the problem, however make sure that all your bills could be paid for by what you earn and still have more for your needs and savings.

  • Create Emergency Plans

In times of need and emergencies, you should have a back-up plan on what you would be using to help you get through that situation. Start saving a different fund for emergencies, having your own emergency fund. This would help you prevent getting into more debt and spend only what you need.

  • Live Your Life

When all else have been accounted for and paid, take a break. You can go ahead and buy a few things that you would want for you and your family. You do not have to slave away to pay for your loans and debts. Go ahead and take that family vacation that you have been planning and saving for. Sit back and relax, this is what you get for spending wisely.

Spending the money that you earn is not a bad thing, however over-spending and not earning can get you stuck in a rut. Know how to spend every dollar wisely and learn an efficient accounting process. It is better to live your life worry-free, not having to fret constantly about your bills and debts. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy what you purchase without having to worry about how you are going to pay for it? Live your life while you spend wisely.