How often should you invest in carpet cleaning for your office

The answer to the above question is responded by how often you are at the office.  Since the answer to that is probably the same as the 9-to-5, it is safe to assume that you want to stay on a pristine one. Let’s first check out what is the kind of filth that comes to your office every day.

Location of your office

The amount of dirt that comes into your office every day usually has to do with the location of your office.  Common sense says that if your office is in a rural area, you will probably have more dirt coming in than if you lived in the city.

But this is not it.  You can still have your office in the urban area but have people coming from the country.  To this, you must include the food that comes down to the floor and the kind.  What the meal times are and if they take place on top of the carpet.

Type of job that your office does

The type of job that is done in your office is also a determining factor.  Perhaps it is not a strong one given that most offices do the same type of job which is typing, data entry, file saving, etc.  But your office can be located in a fruit processing plant or even an oil processing one.

Either way, you might do some good in paying attention to the type of dirt that falls in it.

Frequency of cleaning

Taking care of your carpet is a type of investment you should do.  It depicts the face of your business and it should always look good.  Remember that carpets are good at trapping odors too.  You do not want to have people holding noses when they enter your workplace, do you?

With so many dirt and debris hanging out around there, it is important to get a frequency of cleaning.  The standard is as follows:

  • Heavy traffic areas such as passageways where people come in and come out: 12-24 times a year.  The more, the better.  Constant cleaning is not going to decrease the life of your carpets.
  • Moderate traffic areas such as executive offices or underground halls:  4 times per year.
  • Lighter traffic areas such as conference rooms: twice a year should do

Get professional help

Vacuuming floors frequently is also important, so you will need to invest on vacuuming your carpets. When it comes to thorough cleaning and washing you should call a professional carpet cleaning service.