The best apps to help you during tax season

Tax season is over us and it certainly is a daunting time for many. Did we clear all aspects? Is there something missing? Did we collect all the necessary paperwork? Tax collection is a process that does not admit mistakes or procrastination. Miss a letter or a hyphen or turn in a week later after a due date, and you could start building up regrettable debt with Her Majesty.

Fortunately for us, there are mobile applications out there to help us with all do’s and don’t’s.  We will take a look at some of them.


This free app is available for Android and iOS.  With this application, you can easily e-file your federal and state taxes.  The app will walk you through the tax form in all its sections.  All you need to do is enter your information, go through a quick questionnaire, and photograph your W2 or 1040 EZ.   The mobile application works for simple tax returns.  If you have something much more complex, then the app will redirect you to the desktop site.


This one is the US Government’s official app for tax returns.  It does not really provide any high-tech e-filing but it does provide important tax information for citizens.  You can use it to track your tax returns once you have filed them.

Bloomberg BNA Reference Guide

This app is great for referencing.  It is a handy mobile application which works as a guide to schedules and tax rates.  It includes current tax rates and those since 2011.  Sections are divided for individual and corporate calculations, estate rates, standard tax deductions and more.


Expensify is great for those who do a lot of traveling.  With this application, you can easily track expense reports for meals, travel mileage, and other tax-deductible expenses.   All you have to do is take a picture of your receipts and Expensify will log it into the expense report you choose.  To check on mileage, you can take a picture of your odometer, enter mileage manually, or even use your GPS to track it down.  It is pretty versatile and convenient.


This application is also useful to organize receipts.  But it comes with some special bonuses.  When you scan a receipt, the application can extract vendor, the amount paid, and date and log in all that information.  It also works with digital receipts.  A cool feature is that the archive of photographed and digital receipts are IRS-friendly so you skip all the bookkeeping work.

There is no doubt that mobile applications make our lives much easier when it comes to taxes.  As more and more companies and services are embracing the mobile app world, yours should not be the exception.  AY Tech can help you develop the best application for your business to meet yours and your clients needs.