About Us

Welcome to EnTheWeb.co.uk! My name is Jacky Mishushima and I have a small accounting firm located in Texas. Together with my husband, Janssen, we run this small firm along with a dozen or so employees. So far, we’ve been successful in all of our endeavors. With the advent of blogging and internet, we saw that it’s a great place to gather and share information, especially in the world of accounting. However, we saw some false information being scattered and worse, scammers. That’s when we decided to participate and contribute our experience, knowledge and expertise to the general masses. We want to help people learn more about accounting and finance so that they will never fall into the mischief of others again.

As you’ve learned earlier, we are working hard to bring you the most up-to-date and most accurate information on the web about finance and accounting. But before we started out on creating this website, we’ve studied the art of accounting and we’ve founded a successful accounting firm. Therefore, we decided to run small seminars on a weekly basis to help those who are interested on learning more about accounting in general. However, as our company continues to grow, we are getting less and less time on our hand and we can’t keep up on our commitments. That’s when we decided to create a blog.

By creating a blog, we will be able to reach more audience from all over the world. We will be able to share our experience and knowledge to everyone.

That’s all about it for now. Enjoy!